What is Therapy?

Therapy means safety. My office is a place where there is no judgment, and your feelings and opinions are safe, confidential, and valued. If you are to be your most authentic self, then you must experience acceptance, and that is the root of therapy. I will to hold a safe space for you to search your emotions, your ideas, your past, your dreams, and your desires in order to free you to become your authentic and happy self. I can help you work with trauma, addictions, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or spiritual seeking. We will work together to help you find your own inner compass, your own guiding star.

The Power of Dreams

Dreamwork uses your dreams as a gateway to your unconscious beliefs and feelings. Dreams use symbolic language and communicate with our conscious minds in mysterious ways. However, dreams can be understood as the unique expression of your soul and spirit. Often, in working with dreams, you will experience an "a-ha Moment" : insight into problems or issues that have been bothering you.

The body never lies.
— Alice Miller

Somatic Technique

Somatic therapy derives from the Greek word soma, meaning "body."

Somatic therapy focuses on embodied feelings and bridges the mind/body dichotomy often found in we humans. There are several ways to work with somatic therapy, including focusing on the breath and incorporating movement into therapy. It is useful in working with trauma and addictions, as well as emotional blocks.

Art Therapy

Art is an incredible tool for healing psychological wounds. Self expression is always freeing, and it also allows the unconscious to speak in a similar way as dreams do. I encourage my clients to find a way to express themselves, as I find my own creative pursuits to be both meditative and healing.